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About Us

who we are

Located in Washington, North Carolina, the city’s nickname, “Little Washington”, distinguishes it from Washington, D.C. At Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Living Center, though, you’ll find our hearts are anything but “little”!

At Ridgewood, we are dedicated to providing expert care in a warm, inviting atmosphere. We are here to be your partner in recovery every step of the way. We never settle for anything less than the highest-quality expert medical and rehabilitative treatments. Additionally, our residents have access to the most effective and personalized care to help them have a speedy recovery.

Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Living Center is guided by the core principles of “Compassion – Dignity – Unity”. You and your loved ones will become part of our family the moment you arrive.

your health is our priority.

Ridgewood has something for everyone. We provide private rehab suites, if you will be a short-term resident, to give you the ideal setting for focusing on rehabilitating yourself. Long-term residents can count on compassionate support and expert care from our dedicated nursing staff. No matter how long you are with us, Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Living Center considers your health to be our priority.


If you look good, you feel good! And our on-site Beauty Shop at Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Living Center makes treating yourself that much easier. Even if you are not used to going to a salon, once you experience the pampering from our professionals and the social time with friends, you will relax and enjoy being able to have more time to focus on you.

Community is our focus.

At Ridgewood, it is our goal to make you feel right at home. We do this through personalized activity plans and with warm companionship. You can enjoy your personal daily routine, while connecting with other members of the community with a comprehensive activity schedule. To help ensure you stay comfortable and connected, we also offer WiFi, in-room phone service and an in-suite flat-screen TV with cable.


We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Contact a member of our team to plan your visit to Ridgewood.
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